2012 Nominee
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I’m always glad to find new readers for my work! Please feel free to browse and share these stories with your friends.

* * *

Movement: 2012 Hugo and Nebula nominated short story
It is sunset. The sky is splendid through the panes of my bedroom window; billowing layers of cumulous blazing with refracted oranges and reds. I think if only it weren’t for the glass, I could reach out and touch the cloudscape, perhaps leave my own trail of turbulence in the swirling patterns that will soon deepen to indigo.

But the window is there, and I feel trapped.

Behind me my parents and a specialist from the neurological research institute are sitting on folding chairs they’ve brought in from the kitchen, quietly discussing my future. They do not know I am listening… (read more)

* * *

The Man Who Murdered Himself: Phobos Award Winner
“Right in here,” the nurse said. “Dr. Sorenson will be with you soon.” And she left.

Kyle would not usually have examined the small office as he entered it. Twelve doctors, thirty-seven surgeries, and sixty-three consultations had long ago convinced him that one professional’s abode was more or less like another’s.

When Kyle was four years old, doctors terrified him. He remembered the bushy eyebrows and deep-set eyes of Dr. Rells, his first surgeon… (read more)