2012 Nominee
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Join Nancy’s Quest for World Domination!

What the heck are Fuldarians?

Who knows? I just made it up. But it sounds cool, doesn’t it?

No, really. What’s this all about?

The Fuldarians are my private army of minions, slavishly devoted to placing me at the top of the NYT Bestsellers List.

Are there any perks for becoming a minion?

Of course. Fuldarians get to see sneak peeks of works in progress, help me brainstorm new books, get free ebook ARCs in exchange for proofreading help, and so forth.

I don’t care about all that stuff. I just want to know when your next book comes out.

No problem. I’ve got a book release mailing list. You can sign up right here.

Is there anything else I should know?

At my sole discretion, and at some unspecified future time, I may do bigger things like giving Fuldarians permission to write stories set in my fictional worlds or hosting Fuldarian-only writing workshops at conventions.

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Ok, I'm convinced.