2012 Nominee
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What’s Coming Next?

BAEN and TOR Anthologies

Watch for my fiction in SHATTERED SHIELDS and CARBIDE-TIPPED PENS, coming out in 2014 from Baen and Tor, respectively. Both of these were invite-only anthologies, and I’m honored that the editors liked my writing enough to request a custom story.

Status: Awaiting publication

A New Kind of Sunrise

On the world of Isuna even summer is cold, seasons last 300 years, and only the swift-moving twilight region is comfortably habitable.

Mikaena is a member of a twilight caravan, a nomadic family group which follows rigid customs to ensure survival in a precarious environment. When she rescues a wounded foreigner, Mikaena discovers that she must stand against clan law, and against her own father’s wishes, if they are to survive the onset of winter.

But violating tradition, it turns out, is not enough. Dreadful storms accompany the climate changes, rampant plague spreads through the caravans, and Mikaena soon finds herself on a perilous journey to seek technological aid from the foreigner she saved and the ancient order to which he belongs; an order which is willing to slay Mikaena, her people, and most of the world’s populace in order to ensure its own survival.

Status: In Revision
Next Steps: Send to Beta Readers

Daughter of Demons (working title)

The kingdom of Helsiod stands at the brink of disaster. Foreign armies camp at its borders, willing to trample Helsiod’s populace in a brutal three-way quarrel. And if Helsiod falls, the Gates to the DemonWorld will be left undefended.

Desperate to aid her people, and fully aware that Helsiod does not have the resources to stave off the coming onslaught, young Danika seeks safety in the practice of forbidden magic — and in a dangerous bargain with the Demon Lords her royal house has sworn to imprison.

Status: Preliminary Drafting
Next Steps: Write write write!